• School Startup

    Learn. Design. Hustle.



    Public School Teachers are Founders too.


    Every day they walk into classrooms with a target market (students) and big, bold ideas for changing lives and making a difference.


    Silicon Valley's got nothing on our Teacher Founders.


    School Startup is an educator accelerator modeled after startup philosophy, but for teachers who have innovative ideas for deeper learning and classroom practice. We are the platform for the world's best untapped CEOs.

  • Our Process.

    We combine human-centered design with entrepreneurial philosophy

    to develop a program that is authentic, personalized, empathy-based & iterative.


    Disrupt & Reimagine

    In the Disrupt & Reimagine phase, educators rethink learning in their classrooms by disrupting their perspectives on how

    school could be.



    In the Discover phase, educators empathize with community stakeholders by shadowing, interviewing, or conducting further research.



    In the Seed phase, educators define a problem, brainstorm solutions & create a plan for implementing one or

    more of their ideas into practice.



    In the Build phase, educators implement a plan, then record metrics & inputs to determine needs and next steps.



    In the Break phase, educators break down the inputs & outputs of their Builds to construct more refined plans

    of action based on results.



    In the Bridge phase, educators reflect upon & synthesize their process from Discover to Build, then prepare to share their ideas and results.



    In the Demo phase, educators pitch their ideas, process, results, & next steps with community education stakeholders who can help expand their impact.

  • Our Schools.

    Five JCPS schools have taken the plunge with us. Check out what they're up to!

  • Our Mentors.

    It takes a lot to lead the best. Our mentors can hang.

    Apryl Moore

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Lindsey Dobson

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Courtney Williams

    smARTie pants

    I love inspiring others to think outside the box! Applying concepts from the arts to every subject matter can help make our world a more interesting (and beautiful) place!

    Shelli Barber

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Ashley Ogden

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Elisabeth Read

    Problem Solver. Math and Otherwise.

    Passionate about teaching and learning and reaching all kids.

    Heather Jones

    Bringing the world to my classroom!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Dani Delvescovo

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Jenny Forseth

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Kennita Ballard

    Equity Queen to the Extreme

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    April Hetzel

    Super Woman of Support

    My passion is to support teachers so that their fire stays lit! I thrive on inspiring others and helping to make the impossible, possible.

    Catherine Tang

    Teacher Leader Extraordinaire!

    I am passionate about education and supporting innovative teachers to create the best educational experiences for students.

    Will Colon

    Historical Thinking Guru

    I love helping teachers come up with new ideas to encourage critical thinking & historical perspective among students.

    Christie Mudd

    I am amazing and love to lead.

    Lauren Niemann

    Environmental Justice Warrior

    I am amazing and love to lead.

  • Our Community Advisors.

    The people behind the scenes who hustle for us.









    Brad Clark

    Director of Economic Opportunity

    at Hope Street Group








    Casey Ramage

    VP of Marketing at edjanalytics








    Sam Corbett

    Seasoned biz dev executive

    & school innovation advocate










    Elise Buck

    Assistant Vice President of Events & Outreach at Kosair Charities










    Dr. Ann Larson

    Dean of Education at University of Louisville










    Jecorey Arthur

    Music Education Manager

    Louisville Public Media

  • Our Sponsors.

    These organizations took a chance on a rowdy group of teachers.

    We'd love it if you took a chance on them to say thanks.

    Class Act Federal

    Credit Union


    Modern Woodmen

    of America


    Gravely Brewing


    Kentucky Science Center


    Mayan Cafe


    anoosh Bistro


    Kindred Healthcare


    Louisville Public Media


    Heine Bros


    Louisville City FC


    Whole Foods Louisville


    Lotsa Pasta




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